24th November 17

A little while ago while flicking through books in my local book store, I came across a book which seems to have take the internet by a little bit of a storm at the moment: My Name is Girl by Nina Cosford. I’ve seen so many bloggers going crazy for this little book, raving about it’s wonderful illustrations, humour and how every single page seems to hit the enigma of what it’s like to be a 21st Century woman on the head.


I’ll admit that I’m yet to actually buy this book yet. It’s on my list of cool books that I really need to buy, so I’ll get there eventually! However, one page of this book did really stick out to me while I was flicking through. So much so that I had to whip my phone out and take a picture of it. You know when you read something which suddenly explains so many of the feelings you’ve been having without even realising they were there? Since then the words have been floating around my head, begging to be written about. So I thought I’d do just that and explore the burning question that’s been on my mind. Which girl should I be?


Our entire world is filled with so many different types of complex people. If life was simplified to a Hollywood high school movie, you’d have the jocks, the cheerleaders, the nerds, the teachers, the preppy kids, the quiet kids and the loud kids. Each of the stuck in their very specific cliques. I think it’s easy to assume that in real life, we all should fit into one of these specific character types too. But in reality, if any of us were thrown into one of these Hollywood movies, we’d probably be floating through the middle of all of these groups, not quite fitting into any of them. Because the average person is so much more complex than just a sports lover, just a dancer or just an introvert.


When people ask me what I like to do or what I’m passionate about, I find the question near impossible to answer. Because I am forever, every single day, waking up feeling like a completely different person. One day I feel loud and animated and hungry for adventure and the next I’ll wake up feeling like Little Miss Introvert, with different habits to those I had the day before. And it doesn’t stop there, my interests, the way I like to style and dress myself, the way I speak, my mannerisms, the way I act. Each and every one of theses aspects of my self are ever changing. And I’d like to think this is something which applies to most people.


A lot of the time I find myself asking myself all of the questions which Cosford asks on this page of her book. What’s going to happen to me if I don’t decide the sort of person who I want to be? What’ll happen if I don’t find a specific identity to stick to? Who’s going to like me when I’m loud one day and quiet the next? It’s all well and good to repeat over and over again in my own head “just be yourself”, but what happens when I don’t know which one is the real me? So when I read this page in My Name is Girl, I felt a slight wave of relief rush over me. An “Oh crap, so I’m not the only one with multiple ‘girl-dentities’ hiding out in my head?” moment which made me suddenly feel an ounce more normal.


After thinking this over a little bit, I’ve come to the decision that it doesn’t matter how many ‘girl-dentities’ any of us have. Surely, the more you have, the more of an interesting and well rounded person you are? It doesn’t matter how much you change or how much you adapt day to day or in different social situations, as long as you are always staying true to yourself in that moment.


I’ve realised that it’s silly to assume that every person is the same in every aspect of their life. Every day you’ll meet new people who will shape you and teach you new things about the world that you never knew, and that knowledge will help to reshape the ‘you’ of tomorrow. Life would be so incredibly boring if we all had to be the same person every single day until the end. There are so many ‘girl-dentities’ out there, and you can be as many of them as you choose.