18th June 16
The Jurassic Coast is one of those places that makes you wonder how you got lucky enough to live in such an unbelievably gorgeous world. Like, seriously, how do places like this exist in the UK? And right on my doorstep?


This year I’ve taken the trip down to Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove a handful of times, and each time it has left me completely mesmerised. It’s possibly the most gorgeous place that I’ve ever visited in England and it definitely overshadows everywhere else I’ve been in Dorset.


With it’s ultramarine waters contrasted against sloping grey rocks, the place really is a treat for the eyes. Even this week’s visit, with thick fog shrouded over the site, the whole place still looked completely magical. It is definitely a road-trip destination I would recommend!


Plus, this trip had the added bonus of me finding the most adorable orange mini van, which I am now 100% adamant I am going to be the owner of one day!