5th August 16
I cannot get enough of the beach. This won’t be news to anybody who has ever read my blog before, since I seem to begin practically every other post with that exact sentence. UK beaches are great, but there’s something about the sunny beaches of warm European countries which slightly take the edge over the windy and grey beaches back home.


Last month, I took a trip to Mykonos. No matter where you are on the tiny island, you’re never more than a quick walk away from one of its many beaches. With this in mind, the contents of my beach bag was a pretty essential part of the trip!


I came across these towels from The Beach People a few months ago and since then have been completely obsessed. The company offer a variety of different patterns, all in their signature ’roundie’ design. Being a bit of a monochrome gal, I fell deeply in love with The Dream Time Roundie, and was so happy to add it to my holiday beach bag. One thing I didn’t expect from Mykonos was how rough the sand on all of the beaches is (it felt like lying on gravel – definitely one thing the dreamy photos don’t suggest!), so having such a huge, soft towel to lounge on was definitely a bonus.


Although Bournemouth beach still has my heart, it was so nice to have a week of pure relaxation on the warm beaches of Mykonos. I’m not sure island life would be for me every day. I miss the bustle of the city and the strong wifi connection. But for one week of recharging, Mykonos, you had my heart.