12th August 16

I’m at that post-holiday point right now where my tan is starting to fade, I’m no longer finding sand in all of my shoes and my hair doesn’t have that super cool beachy waves look to it anymore. I’ve been back in the UK for a week and a half now, and I am definitely missing the warm and carefree island life that Mykonos presented me with. Back to reality!


All of the Greek islands are charming in their own unique way. Head to Zakynthos for it’s crisp white beaches, Crete for the best Greek cuisine or Karpathos for a taste of traditional island life. I would eventually love to be able to say I’ve visited all of these islands, but this year, Mykonos was the Greek paradise of choice. Known to be Greece’s party island, Mykonos hosts a weird mix of party culture and tourists, against a backdrop of blue seas, gorgeous architecture and cloudless skies. The vibe is… different to anything I would have ever imagined. It’s definitely not a Greek island for the faint hearted, but perfect if you’re looking for somewhere to mix day time culture with night time cocktails.


Our time in Greece was mainly split between three locations; our villas pool, the local beach and Mykonos’ famous town. The beaches in Mykonos were always alive with people, music blasting out from sea facing restaurants and tanned bodies baking on sun loungers. I’ve never thought of beaches before in terms of introverts and extroverts, but this was definitely an extroverts beach. If you were hoping to head to Mykonos for a quiet and serene island retreat, the place would be a definite shock to the system. That’s one thing that got me about Mykonos. It’s the tiniest island imaginable, but the place is so alive. There is never a dull moment. Always a scooter zooming past you in a crowded street or an ice cream man yelling at you from his store window. It’s all of the party culture of a big city packed into narrow cobbled streets.


This brings me onto our other favourite spot of the week. Mykonos town. Think Greek island and the same image will spring to all of our minds. Tall white walls reflecting the sunlight, with tiny cobbled streets winding their way between them, cast against a backdrop of perfect blue skies and seas. I looked at other people’s photos of Mykonos before heading there and played them off as well edited and too good to be true. How could a place possibly be so quaint and beautiful? But it really, truly is. Once you look past the initial touristy tack of the town (cue and abundance of I Got F*cked in Mykonos T-shirts) and lose yourself in it’s winding backstreets, the place is completely beautiful.


If you are planning on heading to Mykonos on your next holiday, there are a few places I would definitely recommend. Make sure you see The Church of Paraportiana. it’s the most photographed church in the whole of Greece, and witnessing it in person, I can definitely see why. It’s white washed walls and strange sloping shape make it a gorgeous sight. If you’re looking for somewhere to head for dinner, try to get a table at Eva’s Garden. Rated in the top 20 resturaunts in Mykonos, the food is fantastic, as is the decor. You’ll be dining under a canopy of grape vines and golden lanterns. Finally, if you’ve got a free day, try to get on the ferry over to the island of Delos. Going from Mykonos over to Delos could not have been any more different. Where Mykonos is busy and bustling, Delos is eerily abandoned. An Ancient Greek settlement which now lies in ruins all across the island, it’s an incredible culture spot to wander around. If you’re feeling particularly brave, try climbing the huge sloping mountain located on the island. Fair warning: it’s an unstable climb, but once you’re at the top, the views are like nothing else.


Mykonos was a fantastic place to visit for a weeks retreat, and a great break from the usual culture fueled holidays I usually choose. It’s definitely one of those places you have to see to believe. It’s somewhere I’m definitely happy to be checking off of my bucket list.