6th March 18

I love intricate jewellery which really makes a statement when you look at it. I’m all for interesting shapes and pieces which have a little bit of meaning behind them. Anything with a slightly spiritual or astrological theme has usually got me sold. One of my favourite brands for finding unique pieces that follow this theme is Thomas Sabo. With cute pieces ranging from single earrings to spiritual chakra jewellery, their designs are always simple and intricate. I usually find that less is more with jewellery, and I like to be able to layer my pieces together to create a more playful look. Here are a few of my favourite key pieces from Thomas Sabo which I’m loving wearing at the moment.

You only need to take one look at the tattoo on my wrist to know that I love being close to the image of the moon. I’ve always thought it to be a sign of peacefulness and a link to being female. Thomas Sabo have a range of over 200 designs of earrings for women, my favourites of which being their single earrings. This little moon pendant is one of these. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to have it. It’s intricate and simple, but also makes a statement when it peeks out through my hair. Having a sweeping parting which means that most of my hair sits on one side, I find that wearing just one statement earring is a good way to balance out my face.


I love the bohemian vibe of wearing a single earring – it takes me back to when I was a teenager and all I wanted to do was dress like I was in a tent at Glasonbury. This moon pendant is part of the Generation Charm Club range which was launched by Thomas Sabo on 16th February 2018. The line is all about offering charms which collect memories from special life moments, but in a more stylish and grown up way, to suit any age and style. The range also features charm bracelets following the same theme, with silver and yellow gold charms to layer up together.
I love necklaces with a little bit of meaning behind them, one of my favourite concepts being spiritual necklaces. Whether it’s hiding under the collar of my shirt or on full display as the focus point of my outfit, an interesting necklace with a story behind it always makes me feel happy. The rose gold Third Eye Chakra necklace from Thomas Sabo is one of my favourite pieces at the moment, and I especially love layering it up with other coloured metals for a really interesting look.


The Third Eye necklace is part of Thomas Sabo’s Seven Chakras range, which takes its inspiration from Ancient Eastern Philosophy. It is believed that we all have seven chakras or energy points that vertically run throughout our bodies and only when all chakras are open we can be at peace and fully accepting of ourselves. The Seven Chakras range draws inspiration from these teachings and has created some stunning necklaces and stone bracelets which fit the theme. The third eye chakra which I have stands for intuition and strength of will, an idea which I love to carry around with me and convey through my jewellery.
Another of my favourite pieces from Thomas Sabo comes from their Little Secrets bracelets collection. This range aims to convey the deeper significance of wearing jewellery, featuring an assortment of bracelets intended to symbolise the wishes of the wearer. Like most young girls, as a child I always dreamed of one day growing up and getting the infinity sign tattoo’d on my skin. Since then I’ve grown less fond of the idea, but I do still love the small intricate symbol and what it stands for: forever, with no end. The infinity bracelet allows me to carry this message on my body in a less permanent fashion, and I love the style of the intricate silver charm against the simple black rope.


According to Thomas Sabo, the idea behind the Little Secrets bracelets is to choose the one which most represents your deepest desires, secrets and wishes and to wear it on your wrist as a reminder of these things. The friendship bracelets come in an assortment of different designs and many of them are unisex, so you can match up with whoever you please!
Which are your favourite pieces?
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