7th December 17

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a firm believer in the idea that the universe has much more control over us than any of us are really aware of. It’s not that I’m a huge believer in Faith, but I just like the idea that as humans, we’re part of something so much bigger than we actually realise. As people, we so often think that we’re in control and that our existence is the central point of the universe. But how wild is that idea? That such a small and insignificant species should have any control over the huge, spiralling universe which we reside in? This is why I love the idea that we’re governed by the sky above us, and is why astrology is so interesting to me.


This month, in a bid to learn a little more about astrology, I read The Signs: Decode The Stars, Reframe Your Life by Carolyne Faulkner. I was expecting to just flip through it, only reading the parts which applied to me and my own star sign directly. I didn’t expect to be sucked in from the first few pages and end up reading about every single star sign, as well as birth charts, moon signs and how the planets can affect us too. Basically, this book has got me even more hooked on the idea that we’re all part of something bigger than I was before.


The Signs is pretty different from the usual magazine horoscopes which are designed to loosely fit every personality out there. Those are the sort of horoscopes which I always found a guilty pleasure in reading, whilst still being fully aware that they were essentially rubbish. But after reading this book, I really do have a renewed faith in the idea that all of our actions and core personality traits can often be explained by the alignment of the planets and the stars. Maybe this idea sounds silly to you, and you’re reading this wondering what on earth I’m talking about. But trust me, as an overly sceptical realist, I’m recommending that you give this book a chance, if only for a little perspective.


The book is split up into three sections. The first explains to readers what a birth chart is, and exactly how you can map out your own to find out how the planets and stars were aligned at the moment you were born. From this, you can discover so many interesting things about your personality which your zodiac sign alone couldn’t have told you.


For example, I’m a Pisces and have always felt that I relate to the creative, mediative and anxious traits which are associated with this sign. However, after mapping out my birth chart I discovered that my moon sign (the sign which the moon was in at the moment that I was born) is Aquarius. I’ve never really given much thought to this before, but after reading how Aquarius’ are often irrational thinkers and fearfully possessive, I’ve discovered how this too fits in with my personality. Your birth chart will show you that it’s not just your star sign that matters, but how the entire sky can have influence over us.


Also in The Signs, you’ll learn about the planets and how each one can affect all of us, depending on its position in the sky and its relation to your sign. The third and final chapter of the book details each of the signs in great detail, offering their strengths and weaknesses, the emotions they can cause and how they can affect work, relationships and everything else. What I enjoyed most about this book is that it doesn’t present each sign as a rigid set of traits. The book explains that some people will relate completely to their sign, whilst others will find that they have a handful of minor traits, but relate more to their moon sign or to a different sign depending on which planet was in it at the moment they were born.


I really loved reading this book and found it to be a brilliant intro into astrology for me. I’d definitely recommend giving it a read, even if you’re a sceptical person like I am! If anything, it’s really fun taking some time to map out your birth chart and see exactly where all of the planets were at the time when you joined the world.


The Signs: Decode The Stars, Reframe Your Life is available to buy via Penguin or Amazon.


This book was sent to me for review, however all opinions are my own.