2nd July 17

It’s been a long time since I did an outfit post on the blog. So long in fact that I can’t even remember the last outfit which actually made an appearance on here. I’ve done a lot of outfit shoots in the past few months, but most of them have only made their way on to Instagram and never made an appearance elsewhere. I’ve still got all of the photos sat waiting in folders on my computer, but I could never bring myself to post them on here. I’m not sure what happened really. There’s something about lifestyle blogging, and being predominantly behind the camera, which over recent months has felt much safer to me. I guess, if people don’t like my photos when they’re just of books or scenery, it doesn’t matter as much because my face and body aren’t the things being scrutinised.


However, I’ve been thinking recently of how silly this is. It sucks letting negative thoughts win and to not share the clothes and brands which I love on my blog, just because the idea of the posts not being appreciated gives me anxiety. A lot of things have been stopping me from outfit posts over the last few months. The fact that there are a hell of a lot of incredible fashion bloggers, all of whom are doing a better job than I feel like I ever could. The fact that I don’t exactly ooze body confidence and so I’m never 100% happy with my photos. The fact that I’m an awkward person, and so actually posing for outfit photos makes me feel uncomfortable. All of these things, blended together, have been stopping me from doing what I really want to do.


When thinking about posting photos of myself on my blog, I’d be anxious of what I looked like while taking the photos, I’d be anxious editing them as my mouse glided over lumps and imperfections, and I’d be anxious after the post was live – scared that other people were scrutinising me the way I scrutinise myself.


Although it’s true that there are a lot of fashion bloggers out there nailing it at the moment, the welcoming aspect of that is that they come in so many shapes, sizes and variations that no fashion blog is really the same. We’re not all girls of one build and style, and that’s celebrated in the blogging community. So, as you may have already guessed, I’m taking the plunge back into the world of outfit posts.


Last week I headed to Zara and dove head first into their sale. I’d had my eye on two particular items on the site for ages and I was really hoping I’d be able to get my hands on them. The first was this gorgeous blue and white gingham dress. I cannot get enough of gingham at the moment and I’m fully embracing the fact that it’s dominated my wardrobe this summer). The second item I was keen to pick up was this straw pom pom basket bag. I am OBSESSED with it. I didn’t manage to find it in the sale, but after days of checking the website it was restocked. I don’t think I’ve ever added an item to my bag so quickly!


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