7th October 16
The only perception I’ve ever really had of Chelsea is that it’s a pretty posh area which is impossible to walk around without stumbling across Spencer Matthews or Lucy Watson hanging around on a street corner waiting for an awkward encounter with an ex. This weekend, my friend Nic and I decided we’d pay Chelsea a visit and make use of some of it’s gorgeous backdrops for a few snaps. Every building in Chelsea is unimaginably beautiful. I’ve updated my ultimate life goals list and living in a bright green townhouse with a yellow door just off of Kings Road is now right at the top.


It’s one of those places where newcomers can’t help but stand out. Everyone walking around Chelsea is kitted out in brown brogues and tweed jackets with slicked back hair, and if you’re not, then why are you even there? Needless to say, whilst walking around in my culotte jumpsuit and Nike’s, I didn’t quite master the art of blending in. However, while I’m on the topic of culottes… how fun are they?! I ordered these Fashion Union ones from ASOS and am so very in love. A few years ago when skinny jeans came into fashion and I made the decision to throw out every pair of flared jeans my tween self had owned, I swore to myself I’d never wear anything with that much ankle room again. Oh how wrong I was. Culottes are my new comfy yet cool BFF.


Despite walking past Spencer Matthews and questioning whether he just walks up and down the street all day waiting to be spotted, my favourite part of the day was definitely our lunch spot. We ate at a tiny little Italian restaurant called Buona Sera, located bang in the middle of Kings Road. It was a tiny little place with a narrow doorway – so small that I’m surprised we even spotted it as we were walking past. We seemed to be part of the few who did, as inside the restaurant was so quiet. Buona Sera don’t let their tiny space get the best of them though. They combat this by making all of their tables double-decker, meaning if you want to eat up top, you have to climb a little rickety ladder to get to your seat. It was quite the experience and one I’d definitely recommend! I still don’t know how our waiter managed to get up the steps while holding our plates in one hand and cutlery in the other!


I still think I’m more of a Shoreditch kinda girl than a Chelsea one, but it was one of the best days I’ve had in such a long time. It’s always fun to get out exploring London with a camera. It just opens your eyes up so much more to what’s around you and allows you to take in so much more beauty than you would when you’re not looking for your next photo opportunity. Chelsea, I’ll be back for you.