Embracing my blemishes with Yes to*
26th September 18

This past year, I’ve been really getting into my skincare and have made a pact with myself to start looking after my skin and loving myself a little more, blemishes and all. I’ve partnered up with natural skincare brand Yes to for this post to share some of my favourite skincare products of the moment with you all. Yes to are a vegan and cruelty free brand and recently I’ve been especially loving their Yes to Tomatoes range. Yes to Tomatoes is perfect for oily, blemish and spot prone skin and has been ideal in helping me to feel comfortable with the way I look.


My Skin Story


I’ve always been a person who’s struggled with my own skin. When I was growing up, I didn’t really know anything about skincare. There were no Youtubers telling you exactly how to perfect your evening skincare routine in 15 simple steps, and with a big sister and mum who didn’t really wear makeup and were lucky enough to be blessed with skin much clearer than mine, I just never learnt how to look after my face properly.


It sounds quite silly looking back on it now, but I never used to consider the fact that falling asleep with a full face of makeup on and then not washing my face the next morning would be bad for my skin. So, as a young teen, I got myself into a bad cycle of slapping cheap makeup on my face in the morning, sleeping in what was left of it by the end of the day, and then reapplying it straight on top the next morning. It honestly pains me to think about it now – my poor teenage skin!


It’s obviously not surprising that this non-existent skincare routine led to me quickly suffering from awful breakouts. When I was at school, I had spots and blemishes over my entire face. They were a never-ending cycle and as soon as one collection of angry red spots disappeared from my chin, a new collection would be born on my forehead. Having bad skin when you’re a teen who already feels uncomfortable with the way they look is awful. You notice every blemish and you’re 100% sure that when other people are looking at you, all they’re seeing is the angry collection of lumps and bumps on your face.


I tried so hard to cover my bad skin with makeup, but it never worked. The thing about using cheap teen makeup to hide breakouts is that it only makes them worse. It spreads around the germs, stops your skin from breathing and just makes your skin look angry and orange rather than angry and red. For me, my skin was one of the reasons that I was such an unconfident person when I was at school. I saw it as something to hide away. A reason why nobody would ever take me seriously or find me attractive. For a young girl growing up in a newly developing social age where everyone seemed to be better at makeup and have glowing makeup free morning skin, I compared, compared, compared and was left feeling low and alone.


Embracing The Skin I’m In


As I grew older, I learnt how to deal with my breakout prone skin a little better. I figured out my skin type (extremely oily) and the types of skincare products and makeup which worked best for that. Thanks to Youtube and the discovery of beauty blogs, I learnt how to use colour correction to make my acne scars look more balanced out under my makeup and I finally figured out the skincare steps I should be taking in the mornings and evenings to give my skin a bit of a break and make sure that I’m keeping it fresh and clean.


Having so many spots and blemishes which I angrily scratched at and picked at and then buried under makeup when I was a teen has obviously meant that I now have a lot of acne scars across my face which are probably going to take years to fade. Even though my skin is better now and I don’t really get new breakouts anymore, my skin has always scarred easily and my skin tone means that I scar in a really deep brown colour. I’m a more confident person now and I’m much more sure of myself and my appearance than I was when I was a teen, but it is still easy to get down about your skin.


I used to have days where I was too terrified to leave the house without a full face of makeup on. Since travelling and going makeup free every day for 3 months, I’ve learnt to embrace my naked skin. Of course there are days where I absolutely hate my scars and wish that I could have clear and unblemished skin, but a combination of embracing the skin that I have and learning how to look after it has helped me to feel more comfortable.


Discovering Yes to Tomatoes


For me, natural skincare brands have always been ones which I’ve tried to stick to, because my skin can get irritated really easily by anything which has too many unnatural chemicals added in. One brand which I’ve been loving lately has been Yes to, a vegan and cruelty free skincare brand who use natural and simple formulas to create skincare products which aren’t tough on your skin. These products have been ideal for me in preventing breakouts, keeping my acne scars moisturised and stopping my pores from becoming too oily. Here are three of my favourite products from Yes to’s new range which have really been helping me to love my skin recently.


    1. Yes to Tomatoes Charcoal 2-in-1 Scrub & Cleanser Stick. My skin absolutely LOVES charcoal based products. It’s really great for targetting my oily complexion but not drying it out too much. This scrub & cleanser stick is really cool. You roll the product straight onto your face and then rub water on it to lather it up, then wash it off again. It leaves my skin feeling really smooth and it doesn’t feel harsh at all like some scrubs can!


    1. Yes to Tomatoes Daily Repair Treatment For Combination Skin. My skin is an irritating mix of oily and dry, which means I have to be careful which products I use on it. This daily repair treatment is oil free and really gentle, so it nourishes my skin without making it feel too oily. I’ve found applying this daily to be really helpful in making my acne scars look a little lighter.


  1. Yes to Tomatoes Micellar Cleansing Water. Cleansing water is my skincare saviour when it keeps to keeping the dry patches of my skin hydrated. I love the Yes to Tomatoes one because it’s natural and helps to prevent future breakouts. It’s also manages to moisturise my skin without adding to how oily it can get!


The Yes to Tomatoes range is now being stocked in Boots in the UK and I’d definitely recommend giving them a try if you’re looking for a natural skincare brand which is vegan, cruelty free and great for combination skin.


*This post is in collaboration with Yes to, however all opinions are my own.